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Association of La Esperanza / Casa Teja, people with disabilities La Fuente, Pulpi, Almeria.

The Association of People with Disabilities “La Esperanza de Pulpí” translated to "Pulpí Hope" was created in 1994 through the union of a group of parents of children with disabilities, whose main objective was to achieve a higher quality of life for their children and other persons with disabilities children of Pulpí and its villages.

At the time of its creation in the town there was no public or private service offering the opportunity to receive specialized treatment to children with disabilities, which meant that households had to adjust their work schedules and family life to go to the Early Care of Lorca if their children were to have the possibility to receive a treatment that will help them achieve a better quality of life.

The beginning was quite hard, but thanks to the efforts of this group of parents and selfless work of all of them, they managed to collect a small amount of money, which allowed the hiring of a professional on the service and recognition of public institutions, through the granting of financial grants that subsequently led to the creation of the Early Childhood Center that exists today.

Throughout its history, the Association has always fought for social, employment and educational integration of people with disabilities, Pulpí Township and the surrounding areas, and proof of this is the creation of different services to give response to the needs of this group.

Within its core services are:
• Social care.
• Legal assistance.
• Information and management benefits and subsidies.
• Formation.
• Join Us.
• Volunteering.


To carry out their activities, they have complete facilities equipped with all the material that is necessary for the tasks they perform. Casa Teja translated to Tile house is the name given to the center where all the facilities are located and is located in the neighborhood "La Fuente" Pulpí, bordering the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora.

Construction of the center was held on a plot of approximately 37 000 meters donated by Eduardo Martínez Cabrera company name Cortijo San Carlos, SL for the purpose.

The constructed area covers a total of 1400 square meters, divided into two modules where the different units are providing services, also common areas.

Description of the First Module:
• Area of Management and Administration, the administration offices are located, the director's office, the boardroom for professionals, staff toilets and filing.
• Rehabilitation Area: comprising a waiting room, two rooms psychology-speech therapy, physiotherapy room, warehouse, cleaning room and toilets.
• Day Unit Area: comprising a living room for valid, a living room for deep, geriatric toilets with changing rooms and toilets for staff and boys Occupational Center.
• Area Occupational Center: rooms are theory and personal-social adjustment, geriatric toilets, toilets with changing room, gym, workshop.
• Dining room and office: for users of both the occupational workshop as the day unit.

• Description of the Second Module:
 This is joined by a courtyard to the module one and consists of four units, providing work place for people with disabilities. Occupational Center, individually equipped with a warehouse. This module has shared toilets for the four workshops.

Sewing – offering handmade carments at all levels.  Dry cleaning and Laundry.

Emphasize that the scalability since the structure of the Centre is ready to expand the services in the future with a residence, (when financially possible)

As well as the wide range, the plot has allowed the construction of gardens, ski and sports area garden and greenhouses for training and subsequent production.

Since its inception, this organization has worked at the county level, making the lives of people with disabilities a normal life. The eagerness to meet its goals and objectives led them to create their special employment center in March 2008 with a grade of 'Industrial Laundry and Dry Cleaning'. EEC facilities are located within the Centre for the Care of Persons with Disabilities 'Tile House'/Casa Teja is located in the hamlet of Cortijo San Carlos, La Fuente.

Since they obtained the qualifications of laundry, in March 2008, daily work is given to 6 persons with disabilities. A permanent contract has given them job security, and performance of its functions has allowed them to integrate into the labor market.

"The goal with the creation of the Special Employment Centre was mainly to create quality jobs for people with disabilities," said Maria Rosa Segura, president of La Esperanza/Casa Teja.  According to the association itself before contracting for laundry, a total of 8 people were trained for over 8 months through a course taught by laundry manager, from the laundry of the Immaculate Hospital, Huercal Overa. "When they completed their training, we hired the 6 people who met perfectly with the profile of each of the positions we wanted," says Maria Rosa.

The functions that each worker performs are specific for any laundry and dry cleaning industry. Those related to the separation of the laundry by colors and dirt, filling machine, labeling machine programming, packaging and control of the washings.

From La Esperanza valued positively the first year of work, after a few months they managed to not only attract customers but Pulpí hotels and restaurants but also Vera, Palomares, San Juan de los Terreros or Huercal-Overa. Maria Rosa, also comments that one of the goals they have scored in the first years is to continue growing to cover the expenses incurred in the initial investment. "We want to expand our horizons and move forward, so it is essential that companies are aware that the work in the EEC is of equal quality as conducted by other companies. Our only difference is that with our qualifying job functions, the people we pay are fully qualified and trained to carry out the job, but they have a disability,

To contact theAssociation regards fund raising events or the laundry run by the Association, those interested should contact through Grupo Platinum.




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