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Holidays, Parties and Traditions in Pulpí

Holidays, Parties and Traditions in Pulpí

The festival calendar in Pulpí is large and diverse. In the usual common festivals in Spain and Andalusia mixed with their own unique special interest in this towns own festivals.

Some of the most important still hold very the strong religious fervor that created them, others however, are merely popular traditional celebrations; the union of the two gives rise to cultural events full of symbolism and tradition that are worth enjoying.

In Pulpí have a long list of traditional festivals that take place throughout the year.

Chronologically the first of these is Carnival in February,

Dia de La Vieja - Then in the middle of Lent, the particular day of "Old" held only in the Almeria Levante and consists of field trips with friends and family spend the day. For this, a figure that is in an old paper is attached with a stick and filled with firecrackers is constructed. At the end of the day is burned to symbolize the end of winter and early spring.


Semana Santa - After the day of the old comes the Easter holiday shows where the religious sentiment of an entire people, with processions in which the great devotion to the Black Step and Paso Morao.

Virgin of Fuensanta - After Holy Week processions begin in May; the first week in the Source, in honor of the Virgin of Fuensanta and second week in Convoy, in honor of the Virgin of Fatima.  In these pilgrimages the young crowd decked floats accompanying the Virgin, and along the pilgrims' choir put the point of joy.

Noche de San Juan - Coinciding with the start of summer on the eve of San Juan Terreros, held a big party with live music and fireworks sardines.

Virgin del Carmen - Also in Terreros, July 16 the festival of the Virgen del Carmen .Acabando summer is celebrated on July 25 festivities are in honor of Pozo Higuera St. James the Apostle.

La Fuente Fiestas -  first week of September, the festivities are celebrated in the village of La FUente, where you can enjoy various activities ranging from processions, dances and various attractions. During this holiday season championship Boli is disputed; peculiar game of this hamlet that endures over time.

El Convoy Fiestas - In the second week of September we can also go to The Convoy adorned for honor his patron with great dances and activities for children and adults.

San Miguel, Pulpi Fiestas - But the most unique party Pulpí is celebrated on September 29, in honor of its patron saint, Saint Michael the Archangel, where in addition to the traditional activities (dances, musical performances and choice of Queen bridesmaids etc.) highlights his bull of fire, consisting of an iron frame with wheels lined with trucks flying, dragging through the streets chasing people. Today there are also smaller, less aggressive, but just as fun.

Other religious festivals are related to the deceased in November, and Christmas Pulpí meetings are known for roasting chestnuts on deceased and Christmas is already a few years ago full of cultural activities.

Come and enjoy ...

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