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The Economy of Pulpi and its towns.

Ecomony of Pulpi and its disctricts.

The population of Pulpí is grouped mainly in urban centers located along the road through Pulpí from north to south. San Juan de los Terreros despite not having a vast all year round resident population, experiences sharp increases during the summer. (is a popular location for holiday homes and property investment). Most of the population of Pulpi is concentrated in the nucleus (8509 inhabitants). Yet it offers schooling, medical centres and other essential elements of life for its year long residents of mixed nationalities.

Agriculture in Pulpí is the main socio-economic activity, accounting for most of the municipality's income and employs over 50 percent of the workforce. The main irrigated crop in Pulpí is adapted to growing lettuce.


Livestock is another sector of good strength in the people, the pigs being the most important. Industrial activities in Pulpí are linked to the above sectors, highlights the agrifood processing centers.

There are various family run meat industries..

Society pulpileña is eminently enterprising in character, is widely recognized by visitors.

The dynamism of the population is present in numerous municipal associations, cultural, religious, altruistic and business. Mass participation in festivals and traditions demonstrates the high level of involvement of the population in the municipality. Pulpí now constitutes a dynamic, modern and constantly changing population without forgetting their traditions.


Foods fourth range does not come from another dimension, and are a rare on food intended for the next astronauts. In fact, more than 20 years ago, although Spain arrived rather late-in 1989 when it was approximately ten years before, consumed in other European countries like France, Germany and the UK already. Respond to a demand from consumers who have little time to cook, but are aware that the 'fast food' is not the best for a balanced diet, and therefore want to purchase fresh and healthy products, with to prepare a healthy and quick menu.

When we talk about food 'fourth range' we mean vegetables, vegetables and fruits, preserving their natural and fresh properties are already washed, sliced, packed in a protective atmosphere, so we can enjoy them anytime and anywhere, with just add the dressing that we like. This is actually the easiest way to eat healthy without getting our hands dirty and also saving a lot of time.


  • The fourth range foods are healthy. Vitamins, minerals, fiber and natural antioxidants of these products are at your fingertips.
  • Noted for its speed and ease of consumer use.
  • The product holds. The expiration date of round seven to ten days.
  • They are innovative. The vegetables are not damaged because they come preserved in a modified atmosphere that protects the natural oxidation.
  • The raw material is of the highest quality.
  • Retain their freshness; On-site work maintaining the cold chain with temperatures ranging between one and four degrees.
  • In his point. The vegetables are harvested at their peak of ripeness.
  • They are safe. Vegetables are preenfrían to not lose quality, cleaned with chlorinated water to reduce microbial attack, and do not add any preservatives.

Many of the companies shipping this food all over the world are based here in Pulpi.

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